Jerry Ragg
Jerry Ragg is a renowned US-based artist whose dramatic works depicting wildlife in action, engages his audience through  large scale hyper-realistic imageries. Ragg’s artworks ranging from oil and acrylic paintings to pencil and graphite on canvas, paper or mural, celebrate the beauty and diversity of wildlife. With expertise in creating vivid and detailed portrayal of subjects including elephants, zebras, mountain lions, pandas and whales, the artist capture the dramatic wildlife in action. The resulting imageries embody the notably realistic depiction of the foremost artist working in wildlife art today. Born and raised in Minnesota, Ragg’s interest in wildlife began at an early age as a child growing up fishing and hunting in Minnesota’s wilderness. Ragg has been painting and creating wildlife art since he was 7, and has worked for over 30 years as a mural artist. In combining his technical methods from his large scale murals, Ragg creates life size originals that are majestic and powerful. Ragg’s wildlife artworks and murals are in corporations and residences nationwide. Mahlstedt Gallery is thrilled to represent Jerry Ragg, a prolific wildlife artist.