Viktorija T'Nova
Viktorija T‘Nova takes inspirations from everywhere and is particularly inspired by Art Deco and its spirit. She adores the ageless graceful beauties from Erte and Bakst fashion sketches and wish they were alive.  During her fashion design studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, she fell in love with paints and brushes, pencils and pastels and was inspired to start creating. At the time, she didn't feel a connection to fashion photography, yet she found fashion sketches lively, full of poetry, dreams and artistic souls.  

While her studies were based and concentrated on fashion, she was drawing, sketching and painting different types of women in different clothes. She tried many mixed techniques and created lots of small series fashion artworks. While experimenting with acrylic, she developed her own painting style – a mixture of Art Nuovo, Fashion and Pop Art and called it Pop Deco.