Attached to the winds, you stretch into the thin air, in a never-ending battle against the forces of nature. Your body is breaking into explosions of colors that sustain your fleeting and imperfect beauty. After much struggle, you change strategy. You relax and let yourself go and be taken by the winds of life. In their arms you will travel far and deep. As you stop fighting, life can finally show you the way.

Prints on Fine Art Paper
Mahlstedt Gallery is very pleased to offer limited edition prints on Fine Art Paper of our represented contemporary works of art. Most of the beautiful original work that we show through the gallery can be yours in a choice print, available in a wide range of sizes to fit in your space. Our diverse line of original artwork is professionally printed on museum grade Fine Art Paper that won’t fade or yellow. Mahlstedt Gallery limited edition Fine Art Paper prints are produced on our state-of-the-art professional color printer that replicates the finest detail. Our expert printers hand-number and seal every print with the Mahlstedt Gallery seal of authenticity. We roll and package each piece with care and include white gloves, to make it easy for you to maintain and enjoy your beautiful limited edition fine art!
Prints on Canvas
Mahlstedt Gallery takes great pride in the craftsmanship of our artisan canvases, hand-stretched to perfection in the USA. Our gallery canvases are stretched on North American basswood, known for its stability and the wood of choice used in museum exhibitions. Mahlstedt’s professional crafters stretch all canvases meticulously, with close attention to symmetry and seamless edges. Each canvas is measured in proportion to the original artworks, to produce highly detailed editions that are both classic and contemporary. Our canvas prints come equipped with a sawtooth hanger and white gloves, making it easy for you to install and enjoy your beautiful limited edition fine art right out of the package!
Artisan Handcrafted Quality
Our fine art limited edition prints are made-to-order by our own expert in house staff, inspecting each piece to make sure it has been made to perfection. We use only premium materials. We love art and care about it!
Made in USA
Mahlstedt gallery is proud to be 100% made in the USA!! All Mahlstedt Gallery prints are made and assembled in the USA at our gallery in New York.
This Art Painting Original Is…
  • Made In Spain
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Javier Ideami’s works focus on the contrast between humanity and
the forces that shape nature and the world. The human face and
figure, full of beauty, fragility and courage, face the challenges and
the questions posed by nature and our existence. Ideami’s works
are a celebration of the beauty of human emotion and resilience in
the middle of the neverending storms of life. Ideami’s works express
what makes us human, deep emotional states like hope and
loneliness, and the miracle of our existence written on the courage
and strength of the human spirit, as it raises itself among the
thunder and chaos from which its fragile and fleeting beauty is born.
Being a multidisciplinary artist, Ideami expresses his art through a
combination of skills and fields, including: fine art photography,
digital art, filmmaking, art installations, interactive technology and

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