Merce Flores
The paintings of Merce Flores has dynamic brush strokes, both, vigorous and determined, not aiming to model reality, but to explore the possibilities in expressive color, that predominates above the line, and with the color as impulse and goal, creates a world that is holds to itself by its authenticity.
Born in Barcelona (1956). She studied at the school Llar and at the school of Arts applied and crafts artistic of Barcelona. Simultaneously she expanded his knowledge of painting with the impressionist painter José Boix Soler (Solsona 1891-1990
   She is an “expressionist-fauve” painter. Her inspiration is coming from the nature, which is full of colors.   Has been member of the Association Spanish of painters and sculptors and has been painting teacher at different schools in Barcelona since 1996.
Since the beginning of her career she has maintained her studio in Barcelona. She has traveled to several European Year Capital cities of the Culture like Lisbon, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Weimar, Brussels, Helsinki, Prague, Reykjavik, Porto, Rotterdam, Salamanca, Santiago de Compostela, Luxembourg and Riga. In 2010 she has traveled frequently to Holland and in 2014 and 2016 she has stayed in Chicago for some weeks, continuing with her creative activity.