The Garden of Love
Olivier Lamboray
Contemporary - ORIGINAL

I know you are there, not next to me but does distance have any meaning anymore? The shine in your eyes, brighter than the stars, the sound of your voice over the Moon, so beautifully wrapped.. We talked, we chat, it goes much further than words... You got into my emotions, we share feelings and you managed into my secret garden, you keep visiting me, and it seems that I am floating above reality.. Is this real? or am I just dreaming? Does the course of life have a lesser meaning? Even though I can still hear the waves roll on the sand I am looking at the stars and the music of the sea brings you in sight, it's the magic of these days, the magic of your words, it's bigger than you think, it goes beyond my reach, it's everywhere. And it keeps growing...

Really happy that finally my work takes over the confinement of the canvas and extends through the outside world. It brings another dimension in sight and opens a bigger door of perspective.

I moved into a new house recently and decided to make a small garden in my kitchen with a light blue wall as the back ground. A touch of a more natural setting inside my life ( I spend quite some time in the kitchen as I love cooking). The synthetic grass I use was some left over from the kitchen and was rolled in a corner, so I decided to use it for art and it really brings a nice touch around the painting, a more natural feeling in the house, a bit of green grass, it's a more gentle feeling, still completely a full part of the artwork, I have to say I Love it.
This new house really felt like a new start in my Life and yes it really seems that it is ! An expansion of the previous work, Thriving, growing, expanding, oh boy what a positive step !

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