The Explorer
Special Edition Sculpture The Steampunk style sculptural figure is ready to go exploring in strange and dangerous environments, and is perfect to add a beautiful touch of fantasy to your office or home fine art collection.
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A sculptor, maker, photographer, and art teacher, this artist trained as a ceramicist and has always loved the physical process of making objects from different materials. He explores two themes, fantasy faerie figures as Impsandthings, and steampunk creations as The Professor's Steampunk Emporium.

"I spend much of my free time exploring the environment around where I live, the graveyards, woods, docks and forgotten places. I wonder who or what might make use of these places when human eyes are not watching. From this I create the strange creatures, trolls, imps, hags and witches who might inhabit them. I then go back out into the landscape with my creatures and photograph them in their new worlds."

 The Professor’s Steampunk Emporium
"I love working with junk and rubbish, bits of scrap materials which have been discarded. My steampunk creations usually start life as an interesting found object which might suggest a robotic eye or jetpack. From this I create my figures using mixed media, often the original piece of scrap takes on a whole new purpose I had never considered and brings the figure to life."
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