Born in Bogotá, Colombia, Nico Amortegui, or "MALO", has lived and worked in the Southeast since arriving to the United States in 1996. Since age 15, Nico has been active in the fields of photography, design, and visual arts.  A product of a large, close-knit family, Nico grew up surrounded by artists, learning carpentry, photography, interior design, and painting. Throughout his 20s, he focused on photography, traveling throughout the US to shoot for various modeling agencies, as well as surf and skate magazines. MALO resides in Charlotte, NC with his wife and two daughters. He now focuses on painting and sculpting and woodworking with found objects. 

Mahlstedt Gallery is thrilled to be a part of his rapid rise to success.  He has recently finished a public work soon to be installed in New Rochelle. He has also executed multiple public works in Washington D.C. and throughout North Carolina.  He has had numerous exhibitions throughout the country, including shows in Atlanta, throughout North Carolina, and at Art Basel, Miami.