Dipti Choudhary

I am a  self-taught artist.  Born and raised in India but now
residing in New Jersey. During my childhood, I enjoyed drawing, and excelled at
sketching human portraits. I occasionally dabbled with watercolor and acrylics,
but enjoyed the detail of pencils the most. With time, my focus was more on
studies and priorities had changed. I went to college, did my MBA and worked at
a corporate firm in Mumbai.

Along the way, however, my love of art was re-kindled and I started painting again in 2016 and have
exhibited in few art fairs and through online galleries. 

I Mostly work in watercolor and acrylic. Although I love to paint anything, I tend to favor painting birds. I love color and beauty and this is a perfect. My work is inspired by the beauty of nature, animals and birds.