Javier Ideami

Javier Ideami’s works focus on the contrast between humanity and
the forces that shape nature and the world. The human face and
figure, full of beauty, fragility and courage, face the challenges and
the questions posed by nature and our existence. Ideami’s works
are a celebration of the beauty of human emotion and resilience in
the middle of the neverending storms of life. Ideami’s works express
what makes us human, deep emotional states like hope and
loneliness, and the miracle of our existence written on the courage
and strength of the human spirit, as it raises itself among the
thunder and chaos from which its fragile and fleeting beauty is born.
Being a multidisciplinary artist, Ideami expresses his art through a
combination of skills and fields, including: fine art photography,
digital art, filmmaking, art installations, interactive technology and