Mahlstedt Gallery is pleased to present the group exhibition, Contemporary Photography, featuring works by international photographers and digital artists Aitor Arana, Andrei Tallent, Astro de Sagun, Lori Hutchinson, Philip McKay, Raul Cantu and Nathan Spotts.
Since the invention of camera obscura by Arab scholar, Alhazen, and the first image developed by Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1827, photographers have experimented with changing technology from daguerreotypes, to film and current digital cameras to capture their vision. Along with technological advancements of the camera, and the advent of computer programs offering creative possibilities, today’s artists are able to explore and express themselves in innovative ways. In this exhibition, we examine through the selected artists, and their various approaches to complex and expressive works in the digital realm.
The selected artworks survey a diverse range of digital process utilized, unique to each artist, and their artistic vision. As evident in McKay’s digital photography, All in the Past, the artist’s digitally configured image, conveys the feelings of isolation as he looks into his stormy past.
Please RSVP to Christine for the opening reception: