Romina Arcaute

Romina Arcaute is a self-taught artist born in Mexico City in the late 70s. She first started a
financial career in Europe, but after the birth of her son, she pursued her
true passion: painting. In 2014 she participated in the Exhibition: “Emerging Wings”
in Singapore. She then had a Solo Exhibition in Cancun in April 2016 and in
2017 she was selected to participate in the Museo de las Americas. She lives in
San Diego and she loves it.

I have a passion for shapes, textures  and colors. In my world, colors have personalities and sounds. There are red
tones that shout out loud while light greens try to calm them down. Blue tones
are proud, elegant and majestic, especially when they are next to fine golden
shades; as if they wanted to show the latter that they are no less highborn…