Ronit Kristal

*The Mahlstedt Gallery is deeply sudden by the passing of our friend Ronit Kristal. We will forever remember you.

RONIT KRISTL (b. 1961 - 2020 ) (רונית קריסטל )
Ronit Kristal is a digital painter and a new media/mixed media artist from Tel-Aviv, Israel. She is an autodidactic computer artist, and a leading figure in the new-media art world, who began to paint a few years ago. Kristal has led a successful career as a make-up artist and stylist, in the Israeli television. She has worked with leading figures, and was the head wardrobe stylist for the news on Channel 2, and international television shows, such as the American “60 Minutes”, where she worked with Yizthak Rabin, Shimon Peres, and PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Kristal also worked in iconic commercials and inhabited other design fields such as interior design and more. The artist’s fascinating biography includes many visits to New-York, Amsterdam, Goa India and Ibiza, the international home of the party scenes. She has developed herself in music, fashion, and culture throughout her life. In recent years, Kristal discovered painting, and has entered into the new world of computer painting programs with a great deal of enthusiasm and meticulousness, as she explores the endless possibilities offered by the computer programs. As a compulsive texture collector, she combines new and surprising textures in her paintings: “I mainly like to surprise myself and not get bored”, she says. In her short career, Kristal has developed a unique style in the digital media, which integrates beauty and creativity with advanced working techniques. She combines the new and the old, breaks boundaries, and constructs sophisticated and surprising compounds of textures, colors, and depth. The creator uses unconventional forms, which she creates on her computer while constantly defying the existing norms. She loves to surprise both herself and the viewer. The painter is particularly known for the exquisite , unique and innovative type of flowers she paints and their polished look . Once you are captured by "the bug" you are "infected", and can’t help but persistently following her creations. Kristal believes that there is no end to development and progress, and she constantly pursues new textures, dimensions, and surprising color mixes while incorporating special painting techniques in her working process. Those rare color arrangements have led the international art community to give her the nickname "the color magician". Kristal paints spontaneously and intuitively. Her work process is unique, fast, and focused. The artist’s visual world is free of convention and immediately projects the viewer, without warning, to a total and sensual experience. Through the colors and textures she creates on her computer, Kristal aspires to Touch her audience and communicate with the world Technique .The combination between primitive patterns and contemporary textures dominates Kristal’s paintings. The artist only listens to the beating of her own heart, she follows her inner world and cultural associations and does not limit herself only to one style, but rather draws from all of them. You can't label her style, and she calls herself “a style whore”. Some of her paintings are figurative, others are abstract, while others combine the two styles. The creator’s versatile paintings are created on a computer program, and influenced by heterogeneous and diverse worlds of content: fashion, design, video-clips, Rock N’ Roll, etc. Kristal enters into a constant dialogue with religious symbols and combines them into her work with the most advanced technologies available today. She, therefore, refers to her work like a startup that allows her to bridge gaps between time and places. Her artworks, which expose moods, emotions and insights, reflect her life and all of the aspects of her free spirit. Kristal has chosen to leave her paintings untitled. This is an original choice, which stems from her desire to leave a space for the viewers interpretation and let the paintings speak for themselves.


Solo Exhibitions

 2014-"Kristal clear"-rubinstein house gallery-tel aviv,israel Group exhibitions

 2017-"united colors of women"-art market –tel -aviv,Israel

 2017-"place"-montrfiore auction house&gallery-tel aviv,Israel 2016-"art a-la-mode"-saphira & ventura gallery-new York 

2016-"how do I do it"-ben ami gallery-tel aviv,Israel

 2016-"individual connections"-attitude gallery-paris 2016-"the worship exhibition"-a place for art-tel aviv,Israel 

2016-"the lost garden"-orly dvir gallery-tel aviv,Israel
2016-"earth"-the united nation building,new York
2016-"art expo« , new York 2015-"bank hapoalim exhibition"-hq building tel aviv 

2015-"I am an Israeli"-menachem begin heritage center,Jerusalem 2015-spectrum art fair/art basel miami 

2014-"salon d'automne"-hangar 11 tel aviv port,Israel 

2014-"the world is now"-rubinstein house,tel aviv,Israel 2013-"journey through creativity"-new York

 2013-"light and shadow"-exhibition in the virtual space 

2013-"feminine expression"-gabriel house gallery-see of galilee,Israel

 2012-"light"-central station gallery-tel aviv,Israel

 2010-"the bells exhibition"-gallery tower tel aviv,Israel