José Galant
José Galant’s multifaceted work ranges from modern surrealism artworks of Steampunk Science Fiction and Art Nouveau Fantasy genre to 3D Geometric Abstractions. José Galant alternates between traditional techniques in acrylic or watercolor painting to 3D Computer Graphics or Augmented Reality.

The project on which he is working right now, called “Imaginary Destinations”, is a personal metaphor of the 3D virtual worlds. In the initial phase of the project, he is painting a wide range of artworks. In its next phase, he will select one of the paintings and will transform it into a virtual world in which users can interact with each other through online 3D avatars. In the last phase of the project, he wants to convert the exhibition spaces into imaginary destinations and the public into avatars, combining the paintings with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

José Galant received formal training at the Fine Arts and Graphic Design School “Groc” in Barcelona (Spain) and the “École supérieure des Beaux Arts” in Perpignan (France). He has also obtained a post-graduate degree in 3D Computer Graphics at Escola d’Informática i Oficis de Barcelona and a second post-graduate degree at the Autodesk Training Center of Barcelona. Over the last few years, his works have been collected by private clients and public organizations in various countries throughout the world including USA, Mexico, Spain, Austria, Italy and Greece.

He has been participating in Art Fairs in the United States and Europe like ArtExpo New York, Art Shopping París Spring and Autumn Edition, 1st International Modern Art Fair at Schloss Neuberg, Central Europe Fine Art Biennale of Blindenmarkt, 1st International Mail Art Mirano in Venice and the Contemporary Art Salon of Montreux, to name just a few. He is currently represented by Mahlstedt Gallery and he has started other collaborations with galleries in Austria, Netherlands, Australia and Spain.