Pasquale Gigliotti

Pasquale Gigliotti’s (b.1957 in Sambiase, Italy.)

Pasquale's work is shaped by transformation and love of experimentation as well as constant striving for technical refinement. From synthetic resin colors, over spatula, sands and and glaze techniques to the acrylic painting,
he is constantly seeking new challenges. His ambition culminates finally in the conversion of a photorealistic style. 

At an early stage a social critical approach begins to show in his motif choice.
Finally, what always created a great passion and work strength with numerous artists becomes ever more exciting for him: to paint contemporary nudes, to  
catch the lively, concentrate on shades, curvatures and outlines fascinates him. Nevertheless, his work remains the critical view of a world citizen, who argues intensively with the economic and cultural waves of the present.

The woman as a motif and representation of the spectrum between femme fatal and femme fragile becomes a central element of his oeuvre. It shows the femaleness in all its facets –provocative, mysterious, innocent - and captures them with virtuosic precision on his large sized canvases. Thus, his pictures result in seducing the male viewer with their erotic characteristics, whilst enabling the female viewer to see themselves reflected in the pictures.

1973 Commercial training.
1975 Autodidactic training in drawing and painting.

2008 Beginning of cooperation with Alexander E. Räber Gallery in Zurich.

2012 Collaboration with Gallery Kunst7.

The artist lives and works in Switzerland.