Leaders throughout all industries are always working toward improving the performance and productivity of their establishments. Combine that with the contemporary work culture that urges one to create a space of inspiration and what’s left is the need to reinvent the office. Creating a stimulating workspace can be a challenge. Industry-standard and gray-scale, the classic office building is almost always lacking energy. Even spaces that house the most crea-tive minds need an additional something to keep employee’s creativity and productivity levels high, and the answer is in office décor. Affordable office art is proven to be the most effective and celebrated method of integrating much needed visual stimulation into what can otherwise be mentally draining spaces. Great art is a staple to any work environment and it has never been more accessible than now. The availa-bility of office art consultations combined with the virtually infinite resource of online fine art prints allows for an affordable solution to the problem of uninspiring work spaces.Acquiring art can seem like a big investment that requires vast consideration and capital; howev-er, incorporating art prints into the office with the help of an art consultant is the simplest way to invigorate a space. Buying modern or contemporary art prints that are unique enough to impress everyone who enters the space, from employees to visitors, but are affordable enough to be able to be rotated throughout the years, is not as hard as it may seem. Here are a few examples of artworks that can enrich different office spaces.