Michelle Littauer Gavrielov

Michelle explores the encounter between the human and animal worlds. She
invites the viewer to reflect and think about the intimacy and as well as the
possible conflict between both worlds, including the question of humans as
masters of the animal world.

The works show the closeness she feels towards animals. Michelle explores
animal-human engagements with compositions combining humans with
animals from her own environment, those one can meet almost daily.
Sometimes they are beside each other; other times they are integrated or merging.
All are engaged in an enigmatic dialogue. .

What are the hidden bonds between these seemingly different worlds?
What emotions are aroused: compassion, empathy, curiosity, fear, recoil?
Michelle emphasizes presentations of women, posing and pondering questions
of hierarchy and significance. She devotes special importance to gazes
and glances: animals are not less conscious and aware than humans,
acknowledging the larger natural weave of which both are a part.
Michelle use acrylic on canvas paper and wood.

Michelle lives and paint in Tel Aviv, Israel.

She has an Art history degree from Boston
University, and BA from The Faculty of Law and Criminology Northeastern
University, Boston

Michelle, studies art at the Bezalel Academy
of Arts & Design, Jerusalem, and playwriting & screenwriting at the
Open University in Tel Aviv and at The Art School Angelic in Chiusi- Toscany,